In a large company work environment, conflicts and issues often arise from different personalities, cultural groups, and approaches. Problems may not always resolve themselves and sometimes employees require assistance to correct the situation.

Give & Go takes employee concerns very seriously and encourages the prompt reporting of complaints and/ or concerns in the workplace so that action can be taken, and incidents can be investigated immediately.

There are many different avenues available for employees to seek help such as their direct Supervisor, Manager, Director, Human Resources or Senior Leadership team. Although we encourage employees to elevate issues within their immediate site/location, G&G recognizes that some employees may not feel comfortable doing so, depending on the situation and/or circumstances involved.

As a result, we have created the ‘Open Door’ Process which provides employees with an anonymous and confidential way to report issues and/or inappropriate conduct/behaviour in the workplace.

Here are a few examples of the types of issues you should report:

· Product tampering or alteration;

· Improper booking/accounting of sales revenue or expenses;

· Intentional misstatement of accounting records;

· Bribery;

· Kickbacks;

· Theft or fraud;

· Inaccurate creation, reporting or falsification of Company business and financial records, or regulatory submissions;

· Unsafe work practices;

· Discrimination or sexual harassment;

· Collusion with competitors;

· Accepting or giving impermissible gifts;

· Workplace violence;

· Misuse of intellectual property rights;

· Workplace impairment due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs; or

· Retaliation against someone for raising an issue.

Employees will not be punished or disciplined for reporting their concerns. While the report may be filed anonymously, we encourage employees to provide their name or contact information to allow us to follow up with them regarding our investigation or resulting action(s). Please rest assured that we will work as discreetly as possible to resolve your concern.

All reports submitted will be assigned to a case investigator and will be given careful attention with the objective of investigating and responding to the situation being reported. We encourage reporters to call the hotline or complete the online form with as much information and/or details (date & time of the incident(s), names, description) as possible to enable G&G’s team to properly investigate.

G&G expects that reports submitted will be made in good faith to address legitimate issues.